University of Calgary Press - 25th Anniversary – 2006

The University of Calgary Press (UofC Press) was founded in 1981 and is committed to the advancement of scholarship through the publication of first-rate monographs and academic journals.

The Press publishes scholarly and trade books, with subjects as diverse as Folklore, Economics, Literary Criticism, Travel & Tourism and Post-Modernism. The Press also has an active journals program since its inception and now includes 6 print journals and two electronic journals.


The first book published by the Press, "Alternative Transportation Fuels in Canada" by C. Slagorsky, appeared in July 1982.

Our all time best-selling book, Galapagos: A Natural History by Michael H. Jackson, was first published in 1985. It is currently in the tenth printing of the second edition.

You can peruse all of our publications on the Web at:

People at the Press

The first Director of the Press was Harold Coward, Professor of Religious Studies and Associate Dean of Humanities. He brought with him trusted administrative employee Joan Barton, who remained with the Press for 22 years.

All of the past directors of the UofC Press made great contributions to its success. Presently, Geoffrey Simmins has taken on the role of Interim Director. He is a former Editorial Board member, was the Board Chairman from 1992-1994, and is a professor in the Department of Art at the University of Calgary.

See below for lists of all our former Directors and Editorial Board Members.



Journals at the Press


University of Calgary Press began its 25 year publishing history with journals. Journals already housed on campus were surveyed to determine if there were services the Press could offer them that could provide some cost savings. It was hoped that the Press would then be able to publish a book or two per year in the same subject areas as the journals and use the subscription lists as marketing tools.

Two journals that came to the Press in this manner are still being published under the UofC Press imprint 25 years later: Canadian Journal of Philosophy and Mouseion, Journal of the Classical Association of Canada (formerly Classical Views).

Over the years, it has become apparent that, while services can be acquired many places, the imprint and all that it means can only be acquired through a reputable publisher such as University of Calgary Press. In recent years then, the journals program has concentrated on strengthening the meaning of its imprint, rather than simply being a service provider. In the current reality of the knowledge explosion in both print and digital contexts, easily recognizable symbols that provide evidence regarding the credibility of information are extremely valuable. The symbol representing the University of Calgary Press imprint means:

This journal has been assessed by the Editorial Board of the Press against universally accepted scholarly standards, particularly with regard to the mode of operation of its editorial processes. It will be formally reassessed at least every five years to assure the continuing maintenance of accepted standards.

The combination of the emphasis on quality and the editorial freedom provided by this publishing relationship (UofC Press does not own copyright for any of its journals) is unique in Canadian academic publishing. Currently, UofC Press publishes the following eight print and electronic journals under its imprint:

·ARIEL, A Review of International English Literature

·Canadian Journal of Counselling

·Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

·Canadian Journal of Philosophy

·Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

·Currents, New Scholarship in the Human Services

·The International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning

·Mouseion, Journal of the Classical Association of Canada.




The following people have guided the University of Calgary Press as its Director:

  • Harold Coward 1981-1983
  • Louis Vagianos 1983-1984
  • Alan MacDonald 1984-1989
  • Linda Cameron (Acting) 1989-1990
  • Linda Cameron 1990-1992
  • Shirley Onn 1992-2000
  • Walter Hildebrandt 2001-2005
  • John Humphrey (Acting) February -September 2006
  • Geoffery Simmins (Interim) September 2006 -Present

University of Calgary Press
Editorial Board History

ASQUITH, P. June 1992 - December 1995

Department of Anthropology - University of Calgary

BALDWIN, B. June 1992 - June 1997

Department of Greek, Latin & Ancient History - University of Calgary

BARR, W.J. September 2003 - March 2005

ARCTIC Institute of North America - University of Calgary

BARTON, J.C. (secretary) (ex-officio) March 1982 - June 2004

UofC Press

BEWLEY, J.D. September 1984 - August 1985

Department of Biology - University of Calgary

BRINKERHOFF, M. October 1986 - June 1992

Department of Sociology & Associate VP (Research) - University of Calgary

BUTTNER, K. (secretary) (ex-officio) August 2004

UofC Press

CAMERON, L.D. (ex-officio) January 1985 - August 1992

Operations Manager and Director - UofC Press

CARNIE, R.H. September 1984 - August 1986

Department of English - University of Calgary

CHADBOURNE, R. October 1986 - December 1991

Department of French, Italian & Spanish - University of Calgary

CLARKE, Helen January 2002

University Library - University of Calgary

COOPER, K.E. August 1981 - August 1984

Department of Medical Physiology & VP (Research) - University of Calgary

COWARD, H.G. August 1981 - December 1986

(Editorial Board Chairman) (August 1981 - August 1984)
Department of Religious Studies - Director, Calgary Institute for the Humanities - University of Calgary

DAVIS, A. (ex-officio) September 2005 - August 2006

Acting Director, Information Resources - University of Calgary

DICKERSON, M.O. December 1996 - April 2006

Political Science (Chairman, May 1999 - ) - University of Calgary

DICKIN, J. September 1998 - September 2006

Faculty of General Studies - University of Calgary

DRAPER, D. June 1992 - March 2001

Department of Geography - University of Calgary

DRUMMOND*, G. August 1981 - June 1984

Department of Medical Biochemistry - University of Calgary

FLANAGAN, T.E. August 1981 - June 1985

(Editorial Board Chairman) (September 1984 - June 1985)
Department of Political Science - University of Calgary

FORAN, Max January 2004

Faculty of Communication and Culture - University of Calgary

FRANCIS, R.D. February 1999

Department of History - University of Calgary

GEIST, V. February - December 1987

Faculty of Environmental Design - University of Calgary

GOREN, H.J. March 1988 - June 1992

Department of Medical Biochemistry - University of Calgary

HALL-BEYER, M. September 2005

Geography Department - University of Calgary

HENNING, J. January 1991 - March 1994

Library - University of Calgary

HICKERSON, H. T. (ex-officio) August 2006

Director, Information Resources - University of Calgary

HILDEBRANDT, W. (ex-officio) October 1998 - 2006

Acquisitions Editor (October 1998 - 2006)
Managing Editor (February 2000 - April 2001)
Director, (May 2001 - January 2006)
UofC Press

HUEBERT, R. September 2004

Political Science - University of Calgary

HUMPHREY, J. February 2002 - September 2006

Greek and Roman Studies - University of Calgary
Acting Director, UofC Press February - September 2006

ISMAEL, J. November 1985 - June 1990

Faculty of Social Welfare - University of Calgary

JAMESON, E. October 1999

History - University of Calgary

JOLDERSMA, H. June 1999 - June 2005

(Editorial Board Chair) (September 2003- June 2005)
Germanic, Slavic & East Asian Studies - University of Calgary

KATZENBERG, M.A. April 1992 - June 1995

Department of Archaeology - University of Calgary

LEVY, C. October 1986 - June 1989

Faculty of Law - University of Calgary

LOOV, Robert January 2002

Civil Engineering - University of Calgary

LUCAS, A. September 1989 - 31 August 2004

(Editorial Board Chairman) (July 1994 - May 1997)
Faculty of Law - University of Calgary

LYTTON, H. July 1984 - June 1987

Department of Educational Psychology - University of Calgary

MacDONALD, A.H. November 1981 - December 1990

Editorial Board and Director, UC Press (ex-officio) Board
(Editorial Board Chair) (May 1999 - 30 June 2004)
Director of Libraries and Director, Information Services - University of Calgary

MANSELL, R.L. August 1990 - May 1996

Department of Economics - University of Calgary

McCALLUM, P. July 1994 - 31 August 2004

Department of English - University of Calgary

McMORDIE, M. March 1988 - December 1991

Faculty of Environmental Design - January 1999 - December 2005
University of Calgary

MOCQUAIS, P-Y. September 2005

Department of French, Italian and Spanish - University of Calgary

OMMER, R. October 2000 - June 2001

Calgary Institute for the Humanities - University of Calgary

ONN, S.A. (ex-officio) September 1992 - August 2001

Director UofC Press

PANNEKOEK, F. (ex-officio) August 1998 - May 2005

Information Resources - University of Calgary

PEATTIE, R. September 1989 - December 1992

Department of English - University of Calgary

RAYMOND, S. November 2000

(Editorial Board Chairman) (July 2005 - Present)
Department of Archaeology - University of Calgary

REILLY, Teresa February 2004

Archives and Special Collections - University of Calgary

RITCHIE, J.R.B. August 1981 - June 1984

Faculty of Management - University of Calgary

ROWE, R.D. September 1992 - February 1996

Department of Mechanical Engineering - University of Calgary

ROWNEY, J.A. October 1986 - June 1990

Faculty of Management and Faculty of Graduate Studies - University of Calgary

RUDY, S. February 1999 - June 2002

Department of English - University of Calgary

RUSSELL, A.P. September 1992 - June 1994

Department of Biological Sciences December 1996 - December 2003 - University of Calgary

SCHLEDERMANN, Peter January 2002 - June 2003

Arctic Institute of North America - University of Calgary

SCHONFIELD, A.E.D. July 1984 - August 1986

Department of Psychology - University of Calgary

SEILER, T.P. September 1994 - August 1998

General Studies - University of Calgary

SHERRIFF, A. February 1999 - April 1999

Department of Political Science - University of Calgary

SHRIVE, N.G. August 1984 - June 1991

(Editorial Board Chairman) (July 1985 - December 1989)
Department of Civil Engineering - University of Calgary

SIMMINS, G. September 1990

(Editorial Board Chairman) (July 1992 - June 1994)
Department of Art - University of Calgary
Interim Director UofC Press September 2006 - Present

SKAU, K. September 1989 - June 1993

Faculty of Education - University of Calgary

SMITH, D.B. June 1992 - December 1998

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